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M&A Opportunities

To consolidate healthcare SMEs in the UAE and drive expansion with Mergers & Acquisitions strategies. 

Our goal is to make profitable acquisitions in the healthcare industry and create an ecosystem.

The premise is simple: to consolidate SMEs in the UAE and GCC area starting with small practices.

Our growth curve will lead us to control the entire value chain, while we solidify the infrastructure of our business with the incorporation of largest acquisitions.​

Even though it might not be the latest trend, healthcare is one of the most solid profitable sectors to be in (20% of the GDP worldwide), and it is recession proof.

Moreover, this industry historically delivers solid, stable returns in both bear bull markets.

Facts and Figures

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Years of Combined Experience


Companies Evaluated


Acquisitions In

the Pipeline




Our board of directors comprises a highly accomplished team of seasoned executives.

Collectively, our team boasts a remarkable 150 years of experience in the region. Throughout their careers, they have successfully overseen organizations with a cumulative value exceeding USD 500 million.

Drawing on their deep industry knowledge and proven track record, our board members bring invaluable insights and strategic guidance to our organization.


Their wealth of experience enables us to navigate complex challenges, seize opportunities, and drive sustainable growth in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Our Strategy



In the UAE, the presence of over 3000 small-medium size practices has resulted in a highly fragmented market, presenting an excellent opportunity for consolidation.

The Healthcare sector is poised to experience a remarkable annual growth rate of 12% in the coming years. Concurrently, employment in the sector is projected to increase by 16% annually, with spending anticipated to rise by 7% per year.

Our pragmatic strategy centers on identifying and selecting the most exceptional SMEs available in the market. These SMEs meet the following criteria:

  1. Quality of service: Demonstrating a commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare services.

  2. Business stability: Maintaining a stable operation during both prosperous and challenging market conditions.

  3. High customer retention: Establishing a strong and loyal customer base.

  4. Consistent profits: Sustaining profitability throughout economic cycles.

  5. Healthy cash flow: Maintaining a robust and steady cash flow.

  6. Untapped market potential: Exhibiting untapped growth potential within the market.

  7. Value creation within the ecosystem: Contributing to the overall ecosystem and creating value within it.

By targeting SMEs that meet these requirements, we aim to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the fragmented market, while driving consolidation and growth in the healthcare sector.


Bernhard Brand

Highly skilled and qualified senior executive with a 25+ year track record of consistent
growth and achievement in Private and Corporate Banking as well as Business


Matthias Daeschner

In depth experience in managing healthcare organizations over €150M in volume in the
healthcare sector. Highly experienced in rebuild organizations creating business guidelines and
implementing new products.


Marco Palmero

Started in business at the age of 19, working in the family business primarily involved in construction in Italy.

He then moved to the USA where he started his first
company and scale it to US$ 1M in revenue in the first 18 months.


Marcus Potter

Accomplished business transformer and value creator with over 30 years of experience
in Strategic Planning, P&L Management, Start-Up Operations, Business Transformation,
Change Management and Leadership across a diverse range of industries.


Vaughan Firman

CFO with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare universe. Qualified chartered
accountant from Deloitte with three master’s degrees in taxation, Arts and Philosophy.
Significant expertise in mergers and acquisitions, operational efficiencies, internal audit, international taxation.


Stephen Ranger

Director of Hussain Lootah & Associates (HL&A), arguably Dubai and the UAE's
preeminent Law Firm.
Focused on building and developing the business by negotiating and signing Cooperation Agreements with leading International Law firms from a macro business sense.

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