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In Short: Ulysses


Ulysses is an M&A company that has embarked on a mission to acquire and consolidate existing healthcare assets in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region. The primary objective is to create a unified brand that delivers consistent quality of service across the network.

The ultimate exit strategy for Ulysses is a sale to a major healthcare group.

This article highlights the reasons why Ulysses presents an exceptional opportunity and explores the driving factors behind the initiation of this ambitious project.

  1. Fragmented GCC Healthcare Market: The healthcare market in the GCC is highly fragmented, with over 98% of businesses categorized as small and medium enterprises (SMEs). This fragmentation presents a significant opportunity for Ulysses to consolidate these smaller assets and create a unified brand that offers consistent healthcare services throughout the region.

  2. Low Competition in Healthcare Sector Consolidation: There is a limited level of competition when it comes to consolidating small assets in the healthcare sector, particularly those with transaction sizes below $50 million. Ulysses capitalizes on this advantage to establish a dominant position in the market, enabling them to drive consolidation efforts and build a robust healthcare network.

  3. Demand for Exit Strategies: Many healthcare business owners in the GCC are seeking exit strategies as they approach retirement or consider relocating to their home country. Ulysses recognizes this demand and positions itself as the ideal solution for these owners by providing the desired exit, subject to pre-determined selection criteria. This alignment of interests paves the way for successful collaborations between buyers and sellers.

Ulysses' Selection Criteria and Approach

Ulysses employs various methods to identify suitable opportunities, with the following key selection criteria acting as guiding principles:

  1. Aesthetic Healthcare Vertical Focus: Ulysses targets businesses associated with aesthetic services, such as plastic surgery, dermatology, dental care, and related fields. This strategic focus allows Ulysses to leverage its expertise in these areas and create a specialized and differentiated healthcare network.

  2. Strong Motivation for Sale: To ensure successful transactions, Ulysses requires sellers to demonstrate a strong motivation to sell from the outset and throughout the process. This commitment is vital for fostering a collaborative environment between the buyer and seller.

  3. Established Track Record: Ulysses prefers businesses with a minimum track record of 5-7 years, showcasing consistent results achieved over time. This criterion ensures a higher likelihood of stability and sustainability within the acquired assets.

  4. Profitability: The profitability of the target businesses is an essential factor in Ulysses' selection process. This emphasis on financial viability helps to identify opportunities that offer strong growth potential and solid returns on investment.

  5. Well-Structured Businesses: Ulysses looks for well-structured businesses rather than "one-man shows" or practices with a limited number of physicians. A robust organizational structure increases the potential for scalability and long-term success.


Ulysses stands at the forefront of healthcare consolidation in the GCC, taking advantage of a fragmented market, limited competition in small asset consolidation, and a strong demand for exit strategies among healthcare business owners. Ulysses positions itself as a solution-driven M&A company that delivers solid results over time.

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