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Off-Market Deal Flow
in the Middle East 

How We Support Healthcare Companies With

Off-Market Acquisition and Investment Deal-Flow in the Middle East

Unlocking unparalleled investment opportunities in the Middle East requires more than just traditional approaches..

It demands sophistication, insight, and a network of trusted experts who understand the business landscape like no other.
When looking for investment and acquisition opportunities in new geographies, it is easy for companies to stumble across many different issues.
Some of the most critical challenges in the corporate and investment development space are:
Lack of Data
New markets are an unfamiliar territory for many businesses that wander in the dark looking for information and answers to their questions. Accessing quality data can be a time consuming process which limits progress and prevents companies from growing.
Capacity Constraints
Closing transactions demands significant time and resources. This may force teams to overlook deal-flow pipelines, impeding the company from pursuing valuable opportunities.
To discover lucrative investment and acquisition opportunities, companies must maintain a strong presence in the market which can inadvertently expose their strategic plans.
Lack of Relationships
Great investment opportunities are often discovered through valuable business relationships. The absence of a strong network in the Middle East can prevent companies from finding hidden gems and/or the most valuable opportunities in the market.
Obsolete Support Systems
Brokerage systems are no longer effective or relevant to companies looking to find the best possible opportunities on the market. 

To the same extent investment banks tend to prioritize transactions where they can control the entire deal process which restricts the range of opportunities available to clients.
To identify the best investment and acquisition opportunities in the Middle east, a more client-centric approach is needed.
Ulysses specializes in providing targeted investment deal flow that creates sustainable competitive advantages for companies interested in the UAE and Middle East Market.
Our company identifies, qualifies and presents investment opportunities within the healthcare continuum that align with clients expansion goals.
With a deep understanding of the market and a wealth of knowledge across various business sectors, our team brings a fresh perspective and proven methodologies to every business engagement.

The Solution:
Off-Market Deal Flow



To identify, qualify, and present valuable investment and acquisition opportunities to companies, while they maintain their confidentiality and protect their strategic objectives.



Our streamlined process and presence on the ground enables us to offer a competitive advantage to companies looking to expand in a rapidly evolving market like the Middle East.



The opportunities we identify are off-book, so that companies can always stay ahead of the curve and tap into the most valuable targets available.



What truly sets us apart? Our unparalleled expertise. 



With over 150 years of combined experience in the UAE market, we possess an intimate understanding of its nuances and intricacies—making us your ultimate strategic ally in navigating its landscape when looking for business acquisitions, investments, or ideal market entries.



Our workflow is simple



Step 1: We define your strategy and structure an action plan that will deliver you tangible results and source quality healthcare investments or acquisitions.



Step 2: We leverage our knowledge, experience and network to identify opportunities on your behalf, then we qualify the target.



Step 3: We present to you the results and handle the data collection process on your behalf so you can keep the entire process confidential.



Once you decide to proceed with a selected deal, we facilitate the introduction so you can take control of the process and close the transaction.


Marcus Potter

Accomplished business transformer and value creator with over 30 years of experience
in Strategic Planning, P&L Management, Start-Up Operations, Business Transformation,
Change Management and Leadership across a diverse range of industries.


Vaughan Firman

CFO with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare universe. Qualified chartered
accountant from Deloitte with three master’s degrees in taxation, Arts and Philosophy.
Significant expertise in mergers and acquisitions, operational efficiencies, internal audit, international taxation.


Stephen Ranger

Director of Hussain Lootah & Associates (HL&A), arguably Dubai and the UAE's
preeminent Law Firm.
Focused on building and developing the business by negotiating and signing Cooperation Agreements with leading International Law firms from a macro business sense.


Bernhard Brand

Highly skilled and qualified senior executive with a 25+ year track record of consistent
growth and achievement in Private and Corporate Banking as well as Business


Matthias Daeschner

In depth experience in managing healthcare organizations over €150M in volume in the
healthcare sector. Highly experienced in rebuild organizations creating business guidelines and
implementing new products.


Marco Palmero

Started in business at the age of 19, working in the family business primarily involved in construction in Italy.

He then moved to the USA where he started his first
company and scale it to US$ 1M in revenue in the first 18 months.

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